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Graceful Perseverance: Changing the World!

Posted June 25th, 2014 @ 10:06pm

Welcome back blog lovers! I have to keep myself honest here; I have lost control of keeping up with the overflowing blog comments coming in each week. It went from 5,000+ last week to 10,627 this week and growing daily. I never dreamt in a million years my blogs would be what so many in the world are thirsty for. Or as my web design company has said "Your blogs have gone VIRAL."Cup of coffee

It appears that my subject matter each week is reaching every corner of the world, inspiring others to seriously look at life differently. Good, now that I have your attention, I want you to remove the veil and be open and compassionate to new ideas and practices in this lifetime. This insight is inspired by my own life experiences and is broadening the mindset of many. I am showing others how they too have the choice and action to change their life towards something dreamy and wonderful too.

Since we haven't met face to face or ever spoken by phone, I do feel like a pen pal to thousands of you who return to my website, and read my blogs each week. But since you don't know me beyond my deep seated blogs, let me tell you I am a person the traditional, stereotypical American would roll their eyes at and say "She's gone off the deep end. She's a fool. When is she going to stop dreaming and get serious with her life?"Peace Message written on a wall

None of us are very good at describing ourselves to others. We never want to brag or boast because that's just ego. But we also don't want to appear weak and broken either. I know for sure that my jCrazy Hairob, the house I live in, the car I drive or the size of my bank account has absolutely, I mean absolutely, positively no reflection of my soul, my core beliefs and my huge heart for giving to others. So without me kyboshing a description of myself, I found the following description that truly speaks to the type of person I am. The author is unknown, but if I didn't know better, I'd say they walked a thousand miles in my shoes with me, right beside me for the past 52 years.

"Empathetic People - Dreamers and idealists have this sort of accidental power. Most spend their early years ridden with self-doubt, insecurity, and people pleasing habits. But their journey is inevitably derailed when this comfortable life gets uprooted by an unexpected darkness. Suddenly their trusted methods no longer seem to bring them happiness. As first this depression convinces them that they miHappy women dancingght never feel joyful again. But ultimately, it sets them on a quest for something more - for love, justice and wisdom. Once this adventure begins, there is no stopping a dreamer. And when the dreamers unite? Well, that's how we start to change the world." ~ Unknown

I did spend my younger years ridden with self-doubt, insecurity and depression. I was for many years derailed from my journey, my life purpose. I spent a good amount of time in the desert, in the wilderness, with a dark cloud hovering over me. My childhood was far from what most know as normal. I was uprooted from my family and shuffled around the country like a lost piece of luggage that no one wanted to claim. I didn't know what joy and happiness was. I feared I may never feel ever again.

But at some point in my journey I knew I wanted to be more than the aftermath of my past. AngeloI knew deep in my core that ultimately there was something greater, something more for love, justice and wisdom. I knew that I was created to be a soldier, a warrior and I knew I would keep to my orders in this lifetime and never quit. I believe my adventure began when I made my agreement with God to be Debra. To come into this lifetime and be Debra regardless of the external influences, positive and negative stimulus, temptations and dark, evil people around me who claimed to love me, but couldn't nurture me in a healthy way. And so it was and so it is. Debra was born a child of God's! Debra is a daughter, a sister, a woman, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a friend to many, and most importantly a soldier to her Heavenly Father.

I am also an empathetic woman, who is a dreamer aJosé Iván Bernardo Vázqueznd an idealist. That's how I started and that's who I will always be. And when a dreamer/idealist unites with another dreamer/idealist we are the ones who agreed upon inception that we wanted to be soldiers of love to change the world.

My adventure, my life quest is far from over! I will also tell you there have been many, many dark paths along my journey, but all of which has made me stronger, more resilient, wiser, more knowledgea??????ble, more compassionate and understanding. I am more of a servant today who has ultimately earned the credibility to teach and inspire others that there is something more, so much more to experience love, joy and happiness in this life...or as I say "We can learn to have more Heaven on earth, and less Hell on earth!"

God Bless,

Debra M. Pauli

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