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Graceful Perseverance: The Sword of the Spirit - 11/25/18

Posted November 25th, 2018 @ 09:11am

Welcome to this week's blog. Just as soldiers must put on their full armor before going into battle, Christians and alike need to also learn to defend themselves against the evil battles of this world.

Every day we must be prepared to put on God's full armor against those whom we come up against in battle. The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God. I'm referencing scripture, the bible, God's instructions for our lives. It will be your greatest defense against Satan's attacks, his trickery, his temptations in your life. Whether you choose to believe or not, all of mankind, in every corner of the universe is in the midst of spiritual warfare. We are in the middle of a spiritual battle between God and Satan. For thousands of years now Satan has been relentless in his efforts to overthrow Christ as the ruler of the world to come. But Jesus skillfully and intentionally uses the Sword of the Spirit, scripture, to deflect every one of his attacks even today as Satan seeks to destroy and kill each of us. This truth is why there is so much evil in this world.

Not if, but when we face battles in our lives, we must put on our full armor, the Word of God, His scripture, teaches us that when we do this, Satan flees. When we turn to God and ask for his protection against attacks from those who are evil in their ways, those who attempt to lie, deceive, mock, destroy, judge, condemn and persecute us, it is God's promise that helps us overcome this evil in our lives. When we say "Let's see what God says about this . . . watch Satan run away." God will ultimately have his way with evildoers.

Ephesians 6:13-17 tells us to - Take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm . . . and take . . . the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

The Sword of the Spirit, God's word, is a military metaphor to help us understand that Christian believers are up against Satan and his followers in daily battles that can only be overcome by the sword, our armor. We must always refer to the Word of God to discern our actions, thoughts and attitudes that are contrary to God's way. We must use the Sword of the Spirit to demolish any evil strongholds in our lives. This is the Christian battle, and this is how we need to use scripture as our defensive weapon, our armor.

The armor of God is the gospel of peace, is our shield of faith. As Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 - For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does.  The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

The Sword of the Spirit shows us in the days Jesus Christ came in the flesh, that the enemy of every Christian believer was and still is Satan, as he's relentlessly trying to separate us from God, the master, the creator of Heaven and earth. In scripture Peter warns us -

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings - 1 Peter 5:8-9.

Why is the Sword of the Spirit your greatest defensive and offensive weapon against evil? Because God's word can and does penetrate darkness, changes hardened hearts and protects us against those who choose to engage in evil thoughts and acts. The Sword of the Spirit also helps us discern the difference between good and evil. The word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart - Hebrews 4:12.

Do you desire to become better informed, better prepared for the battles and more knowledgeable in God's word? Or maybe you consider yourself already skilled and trained in using the Sword of the Spirit as your offensive armor. Either way, see what scripture tells us once we've chosen to put on our armor, and choose to live by the Sword of the Spirit - I have kept my feet from every evil path, so that I might obey your word.  I have not departed from your laws, for you yourself have taught me. How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! I gain understanding from your precepts; therefore, I hate every wrong path - Psalm 119:101-104.

Blessings until next week,

Debra Pauli

Unstoppable Believer

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