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Graceful Perseverance: "How do others see me?"

Posted February 22nd, 2015 @ 09:02am

Welcome back, everyone! I have an update for those of you that consistently follow my blogs each week. Starting this week, my blogs will be posted on Sundays each week. The theme of my blogs are more appropriate to be delivered on Sundays, rather than during a busy work week.

This week I want to enlighten you by sharing "How others see me." I am sharing how I freed myself from the chains of darkness that held me captive for many, many years.?????, ?????????, ????????.

As it was never me who revived me or saved me from myself. It was never me who broke me down to the lowest places, bringing me to my knees so He could rebuild me into the woman He intended me to be according to His plan. A plan far different than my plan in finding shelter from the storms of my life.

Five years ago I lost my way when I found myself going through  divorce number two. Once again I found myself crushed, broken and spiritually lost. beauty girl cryI saw everything but a bigger, brighter future for myself. I was filled with fear that no man would ever want me ever again. Once again I felt I was worthy of nothing good in my life. Little did I know that this period was going to be the next glorious story of my life, and it was about to unfold in right front of me.

As no surprise to any of us, this world in which we live is filled with much pain and suffering. I believe our life trials are similar. I believe our life choices are the same. So what's different in each of us? Do we trust our own judgment, our own knowledge of each trial we encounter or do we put our faith, trust and hope in the one who created us? Do we believe our creator has more power over our lives than we do? 10302305_10152023084930493_3906921901192350204_nWhen we are in the middle of doubt, we lack trust and faith in our Lord. As scoffers, we are ignorantly convinced we have better control over our lives than what God has time to fix. Very much to the contrary. There is an outstretched hand that will come to your rescue. It's the truth, the way and the light.

After many, many rich blessings, I can't help but deny that my life is evolving. Which leads me to the point "How do others see me?"

At the end of December 2014 I was at a friend's house party to celebrate two girlfriends' birthdays. I will never forget the encounter that evening with a girlfriend I hadn't seen for several months. We began talking and catching up. She said to me "I've been reading your blogs posted on Facebook." I was excited at first, as I mentioned to her I've got 128,555K fans following my God-centric topics each week. Her response was "Looks like you are possessed by God!" I could hardly believe my ears. I responded, "I'm apparently writing about a subject many others need and are craving each week." The tone of the conversation had centered around, "What happened to the old Debra?"

I feel such heartache when those who have crossed my path since my divorce five years ago wonder or are curious where the "real" Debra went. What changed her?Pieces to the Puzzle

Perception is such a misconception. Judgment is so cruel and disrespectful. Those who have spent many summer nights partying, drinking and dancing with me until 3 a.m. really believe that is the real me. Today, when I speak of God, a life of rich blessings from Him, and what amazing things God is dong in my life, they don't seem to know this Debra. Their reaction is to ask, "What happened to the Debra we all know?" "What is different about her?"

The easiest way to answer that question is to explain that the Debra they know, the party Debra, has only been this way for five years. What about the other 48 years? Who was that Debra? My other 48 years had always been focused on my Heavenly Father. I was still sinful in nature, but more focused on always being a better Christian in all that I do. The depth of who I am now isn't in the past five years, but goes back to the woman God intended me to be.

So what changed me? My burning desire to deepen my relationship with Christ. The numerous hardships have not only tested me beyond my own power and understanding, but brought me to my knees.Jesus I cant live wo you The only way out of my own inflicted messes was to look up and cry out "God Help Me!" I learned to lift up my voice and cry out to save me from my belief that I am in full control of my life. When we are bruised and bleeding we are waiting for healing. The only one who can lift us up and help us to let go of the things of this fallen world that have kept us from a relationship with Him, is our Savior.

I am proud to say I am a God girl. I am a woman after God's heart. I know when I call on Him mountains are going to move. He will come rescue me when I call. He's always been there, patiently waiting for our cry out to Him. Praise The LordWhen we don't ask, He continues to wait until we're ready. He will rescue us when we are scared by sin. Are you calling out to Him because you trust and believe in your heart He's there for you? These are the times when you will be richly blessed, when all things are possible through Jesus. Lift up your face and hands because it is then that salvation is calling your name.

My deep relationship with the Lord is exactly what has changed me. I seek His face every day of my life. As long as I keep me eye on Him, He will allow me to bend, but He will never allow me to break. Therefore, there is no better way than to build the foundation of your life starting with the Love of Christ.

God Bless,

Debra M. Pauli

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