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Graceful Perseverance: An Incomprehensible God

Posted January 7th, 2015 @ 04:01pm

Welcome back everyone from a short, but hopefully a well-spent holiday break with family and friends! Happy New Year 2015 fireworksNew Year to all!

This first week in the New Year I am compelled to share with you my thoughts and ideas about our incomprehensible God who loves us beyond our human understanding. As do many of you, I often find myself asking our most high, holy, eternal, loving God direct questions in the midst of my life when things are bright and sunny, and even more so when I find myself in the midst of life's darkest storms.

Prayer.Do you listen for God's answers when He replies to you? Do you respond with human understanding or do you respond by recognizing that God's ways, God's answers are always going to be the best for all involved? During the storms of our lives we must remember our position before the eternal, holy, incomprehensible God?

For most of us when we don't believe God is paying attention to us; when we feel he isn't answering our questions or our cry for help, we quickly become frustrated, anxious and even sometimes angry with our incomprehensible God. We often feel he doesn't care enough about us or that we aren't worthy of his time. We believe in our minds that he's too busy on the other side of the world helping others who are more in desperate need than we are in our present moment. Group of People Holding Cross and Praying in Back LitCan we not draw up our case before God because of the darkness that surrounds us? Should we shout louder to him so He hears us? Should He be told that we want to speak and we want to be heard by Him? - JOB (27:20)

Let's look at the biblical story of JOB and how God answered JOB (38:1-41:34). Tell us what we should say to Him. None of us can look at the sun, bright as it is in the skies. Which means the almighty is beyond our reach and exalted in power, in His justice and great righteousness, He does not oppress - JOB (37:23).

Bible open inside churchIn the story of JOB, he asked God direct questions. Instead of God answering JOB's questions, which no human could possibly understand anyway, JOB simply responds to God by recognizing that God's ways are the best ways and that should be his answer in all situations of his life.

What if we were to practice our faith in God the way JOB did? How great do you think God is? I believe He is greater than any man's understanding. Because of this belief, my heart pounds: all of us should see the daily miracles that surround us. Listen! Listen to the roar of His voice, to the rumbling that comes from his mouth. He unleashes His lightening beneath the whole Heaven and sends it to the ends of the earth. After that comes the sound of His roar; He thunders with His majestic voice. When His voice resounds, He holds nothing back - JOB (37: 1-4).

Therefore, people revere Him, for does He not have regard for all the wise in heart? JOB (37:24).

ilustracion con cruz y fieles. Iglesia Cristiana.We need not ask God a series of questions about our lives. We need not know His plans for our lives are too far in advance of what He reveals to us in the present. If He reveals too much of our lives to us before their time, our creator realizes we could not comprehend or understand all of His splendid ways, His miracles, blessings or heartaches, which is why the questions we ask Him aren't always answered in a way we can comprehend. Without a doubt we must lean on faith. Only our incomprehensible God knows the best answers for our lives.

Listen! Listen to the roar of His voice, to the rumbling that comes from his mouth. - JOB (37: 1-4)

Until next time,

Debra M. Pauli

Author, Motivational Speaker


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