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Graceful Perseverance: Examining Your Life

Posted December 9th, 2014 @ 09:12pm

Welcome back everyone! This second week in December I am Christmas 2014challenging all of us to examine our lives by asking the question - Are we living to please? I would suspect that most of us would say yes without hesitation, but is your yes focused on you and your mortal, fleshly body or on the Son of God, the King of Kings, the Prince of Peace, Alpha, Omega, the wonderful counselor? And do you know the difference?

Nativity sceneDecember, as most of us realize, is the Holy birth month of our Lord and Savior. Many of us get caught up in the material things of this world during this holiday season more so than any other holiday. But this week I am challenging all of us, yes, even myself, as we make it through each week of this holiday time, to focus on the real reason we celebrate throughout the Holy season. It's been said many times: "Jesus is the reason for the season!" Christmas-Candy Cane JesusEach of us shows our expression of faith as we live out our lives every day. Our challenge is to examine our lives and the means by which we live out our lives to become a true reflection of our promise as martyrs to live out our lives for Christ in all areas of our lives; spiritually, emotionally, physically, body and mind.

God's LoveSome people may be spiritually living their lives to please Him and are filled with prayers of joy and thankfulness every day. Some people may be full of insults and blasphemies, or chastising Jesus because they don’t know anything else, or they don't believe Jesus is very much alive.  Our Lord and Savior, the most forgiving and loving God and beyond our comprehension, loves us all, despite our sinful natures.

Because our strength is limited by human perspective and flawed by this cynical world, we must always be examining our lives and questioning our spiritual beliefs and behaviors.  Are you bursting with praise and thanks? Examine your life. Is the love in your heart self-intended or is the love in your heart for the holy one who created you? Is the love in your heart selfless, or is the love in your heart so alive for Him you can hardly contain your joy?

christmas incarnation is the reason for the seasonTo rid yourselves of the pressures and the stress of this jaded world during the holiday season, I recommend you concentrate on staying in the moment, regardless of the external temptations and your sinful nature. When we stay in the moment, we find peace and joy regardless of our circumstances. When we stay in the moment, there are no worries or regrets about yesterday. There are no fears or anxiety for tomorrow. There is no need to control others or the situation, if we stay in the peaceful moment where Christ resides and is patiently waiting for us to join Him.

It's a practice I know creates inner peace and gratefulness whenever I take myself there. I love being in this place of peace. I work hard to stay in this place where there are no pressures of this corrupted world. I know this place is a wonderful gift; it's a present moment from our Heavenly Father that He freely gives us whenever we want it.

Christmas storyTis the season to always remember the reason why we celebrate. The beauty of this season is because Christ's love is very much alive and resides in all of us in every moment of our lives.

God Bless this Holiday Season,

Debra M. Pauli





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