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Graceful Perseverance: NAKED

Posted October 1st, 2014 @ 09:10pm

Welcome back everyone. This week’s topic is NAKED, yes I said NAKED, a hot button topic.

NakedI'm guessing most readers are thinking that I'm going to elaborate on what it means to get naked with someone: a partner, a spouse, an FWB - friend with benefits. Or maybe NAKED means meeting up with someone in a nightclub, you have a few drinks together and the two of you end up rolling around in the sheets after last call and the music has ended. I hope everyone realizes that it's easy after a few drinks to jump into bed, roll around for a while, tear off all of your clothes and find yourself having alcohol-induced sex. But when you indulge in this type of NAKED, more times than not, you wake up the next morning, roll over and wonder how in the world you ended up in a stranger's bed, and you realize what a horrible mistake you have made. This type of NAKED is more commonly understood, but this is not the NAKED I am referring to in this week's blog.

Couple in hug watching sunrise together

The NAKED I am referring to is the type of NAKED where you bare your soul to another human being, beyond even the perimeters of your own mind's understanding. When we reveal our innermost thoughts, pain and tears to another, we do so in hopes they will better understand what a beautiful soul we truly are. We’re always looking for validation, confirmation and acceptance from others that we are sensitive and loving souls who have undergone much pain and suffering in our lives and have overcome it all with a new enlightened spirit for life.  I always believe it is important for both partners to reveal their innermost hopes and dreams to each other.  Only then can we see the qualities each of us brings to the relationship.  When we share our fears, tears and pain with someone special, we are truly allowing ourselves to get NAKED with them.  There is nothing more pure and beautiful between two people who take this step to grow their relationship.

A couple balancing at the edge of a poolI believe being raw, deep and honest with another human being demonstrates my sincerity and commitment to the relationship. Trust is instantly built when both equally and mutually share their  innermost thoughts, feelings and aspirations.  Many times, life isn't fair and can be extremely painful. As emotional creatures, we are always searching for an emotional connection, understanding and compassion with another. It is our human nakedness to be willing to share, reveal and open up ourselves beyond our own comfort level of secrecy.

Romantic young couple holding handsIt's very scary to get spiritually NAKED with someone in this way, but it's very easy and pain free to tear off all of our clothes and have sex with someone with whom we are physically NAKED.  But true attraction to someone before we get NAKED with them is what I call trust and baring all: the good, the bad and the ugly. When we put ourselves in this vulnerable position, we are willing to step out on the edge, hoping and praying that the other person will not violate or disrespect us, but will meet us right where we are in the present. It's also a hidden hope that the other person will also get NAKED with us and reveal their innermost secret spirit, thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams.

Man and Woman Praying with Holy Bibles

As referred in Matthew 10:30, when we completely surrender, it means we willingly give up our independence, self-determination, and personal preferences. By doing so, we position ourselves for an outpouring of God's maximum blessings, full usefulness in His service, and deep fellowship with Him (and your partner). Because we are an open channel ready for God’s use, nothing obstructs the flow of His Spirit through our life and work. We will receive more than we ever surrendered.

1 Kings 20: 1-4, Says that giving absolute power over our life to another human being would be a scary proposition.  But to accept and acknowledge the Lord’s authority over us in this situation is fitting and right.

Unconditional Surrender, as I refer to it, means being NAKED:

Yielding Ourselves – Including all we have and all we are – to the Lordship of Christ. It is an identification with Him in which we decrease and He increases. We first experience surrender in our attitudes and then live it out in obedient actions.

Placing no limit on what we are willing to do or become – This means we have no restricted areas in our life where Jesus is not invited, nothing set aside for our own exclusive use, and no place where we tell Him, “Hands off.” We make ourselves totally available to His will – whenever, and however He chooses.

WomanTransferring ownership of our body, soul and spirit to Christ – By doing so, we embrace as our own values the principles of the Beatitudes (Matt. 5:3-12), the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23), the hierarchy of the kingdom (Mark 9:35), suffering for Christ’s sake (1 Peter 4:13), and dying to self (Gal. 2:20).

One reason we hold back is fear: What will the Lord require of me? Another stumbling block is selfishness: I like having control over my own schedule and long-range plans. A third obstacle is pride: I know what God wants me to do, but can't He see how that could hurt my reputation?

What keeps you from abandoning yourself to the Lord Jesus and crying out to Him, “Please take control of my life”? ~ InTouchMinistries, Daily Devotionals for October 1, 2014.

Until next week, God Bless,

Debra M. Pauli

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