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Graceful Perseverance: A Confused Prayer

Posted September 17th, 2014 @ 09:09pm

Welcome back everyone! This week is all about prayers!

As many of us know, prayers are much like the people of this world. Prayers, like humanPraise The Lords, come in many shapes and sizes. No two prayers are alike; no two prayers have the same meaning, purpose or request. This week I am sharing what prayers mean in my life, the many different forms of prayers, and I attempt to answer the question: "How does God pick sense from our confused prayers?"

First of all, God's love for us always remains the same. In His eyes, not one of us is first in line for His amazing mercy and grace. He knew long before our creation we would be the ones in need of His grace because He knew we would have a sinful way about us; therefore, we were made perfectly imperfect and in need of prayer. We were Jesus I cant live wo youdeliberately made perfect by God's design, but when sin fell upon us, we would sooner or later reach out to a power larger than ourselves to help us clean up our sinful behaviors. He then will bring light to every trial in our lives. "Who are you without His grace?" Just another smile, another face. He wants to be alive in you and me. He wants others to see Him in you.

God is pleased when we go to Him in prayer, when we truly trust Him with our lives, when we truly surrender all that we are to Him and let Him show us His plan for our lives. He is bigger than any battle we are facing.  He is bigger than anything we are chasing. His love is deeper than the ocean. His doors are always open. Praying hands on an open bibleHe wants to be the King of our hearts. He wants us to turn to Him, trust Him and follow His lead. His desire is for every man and woman to seek His heart. As a woman after God's heart, "I have given all of myself to Him!"

He wants us to have a deep, loving relationship with Him above anyone or anything of this world. The first step toward pleasing Him is through prayer. We pray for many things. We pray for blessings. We pray for peace and comfort for our families. We pray for protection at work and in our travels. We pray for healing. We pray for abundance, for health and prosperity. We pray for His mighty hand to ease our suffering. PrayWe pray for wisdom, knowledge and discernment. We pray that He hears our silent whispers. We pray from anger when we cannot feel Him near. We pray for His goodness because we doubt Him, as if His word is not enough for us. He hears every desperate plea. He hears every spoken and unspoken word.

Prayers are not just to help the poor or the needy. Prayers are not just for the broken or less fortunate. Each of us was made perfectly imperfect so that we would reach out to Him regardless of our confused prayers. God can pick sense out of a confused prayer; we just need trust to be rid of the doubt. Have you ever considered that maybe the trials of this life could be His perfect plan, blessings in disguise so that we would turn to Him? He has proven in my life over and over again that He can take any hardship or suffering and turn it into a miracle or blessings for all involved. All because of His magnificent glory.

Where is He when we cry out for help and we can't see Him? beauty girl cryWhy do we feel alone in the moment? Why do some believe He doesn't exist if He doesn't reveal himself? He's here! He's everywhere all the time. He's right by our side; He lives in us, and we are never alone. Trust the unseen. He's waiting for you to need Him. Prayer is a cry out to Him to help us because we cannot help ourselves. Remember, He made us perfectly imperfect so that we would turn to Him in prayer.

I have a deep, loving relationship with Christ through prayer. But not the traditional prayer where one would get down on bended knee with folded hands at bedside before bedtime. My prayers are constant silent conversations with God. He hears me. I silently wait for His reply. When I wait and wait and wait for his answer, He's teaching me patience. I'm in a constant relationship and communicate every day with Christ. It's beautiful. My relationship with Christ fills me with peace and brings a smile to my face because I know without a human doubt that He is by my side at all times. He's my protector.

He's my Heavenly Father who created and counted every hair on my head. He knows more about me than I know about myself. I desire and strive for a deep relationship with the one who created me, and my perfectly planned life. I whisper to Him. He lets me know He's there through His Holy Spirit. I glow from the inside out because of His love that is very much alive in me. Some see Him in me because His truth shines through. Some feel His spirit because His spirit is alive in me. It makes some curious; others just know because they too seek Him.

A Relationship with God! A Relationship with God!

I'm sharing with you my relationship with Christ because it is all that matters to me at this point in my life. This relationship is my now and forever until I return home where He has saved a place for me. Everything I've stated above I know to be God's truth because there is no question that He is the Lord of Lords, the Messiah, the King of Kings, a Wonderful Counselor, the Way, the Truth, the Light!

I know what I’ve written as the only bookSoulset-mtruth in my life because He has Bryce Lee, my third of four sons, who returned home 7/21/2005 at the age of 21. Through Bryce's death, God showed me how magnificent and wonderful His love truly is. His love is always available to me and to you whenever you are ready to open your hearts and minds to accepting His everlasting love. You can find the details of Bryce's beautiful story in my third book, Why We Cry for a Soul Set Free (2005) on my website: The book is my testimony that God is alive and real and can be alive in you too.

God Bless,

Debra M. Pauli

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