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Graceful Perseverance: The Assignment (part 2)

Posted September 17th, 2017 @ 10:09am

The Anointing - Dr. Gemechis Buba laid praying hands on me in the presence of my Christian family. The Holy Spirit filled me with a deeper understanding of what I am to do for His glory. He equipped me with a deeper level of courage, perseverance and conviction, not qualities I have earned. By His daily grace he continues to guide me so that I can be a servant of the Living God in this fallen world, and so I can pursue His will for my life, all for His glory.

This week I'm sharing a beautiful Holy Spirit anointing that changed my life on Sunday, August 13, 2017 when Dr. Gemechis Buba laid praying hands on me at Hosanna Church in Lakeville, Minnesota. The Lord gives each of us a story and blesses us with the courage to share His great works for the glorify the one and only God.

Sunday, August 13, started out feeling like a traditional day in church. As a typical Sunday, I was diligently taking notes during the sermon from the special guest speaker, Dr. Gemechis Buba.

Following the Sunday service, I wanted to personally meet our special guest speaker. Dr. Gemechis Buba had prayed over my husband years ago and that was a very moving, spiritual experience for him, so I wanted to receive prayer from him as well. It was an honor and a privilege to have a few moments of prayer with him. But as Dr. Buba took my hands and leaned into me, I laid my business card in the palm of his hands. I began to ask for directional prayer about what the Lord wants and needs me to do with my Christian, faith-based writing. It wasn't a new prayer for me, but I was thirsty for a deeper message.

Dr. Buba became more and more intrigued as he was asking me how many faith-based books I had published. "Six, I am a self-published author," I replied. "What is the title of your latest book?" he asked. "Where is God?" I told him and my legs began to feel weak and my eyes filled with tears. As Dr. Buba laid hands on me and began praying out loud for all to hear, it was only seconds before my legs began to tremble and quickly began a frantic shaking. The prayer guardians around me caught me as I lost all ability to stand on my own. As the prayer guardians gently lowered me to the floor, my entire body was shaking out of control. My arms lifted unconsciously as if I were holding them open to the heavens to give them to the Lord to do with as He desired.

As Dr. Buba continued to pray over me, he became a powerful vessel for the Holy Spirit who by this point had taken over my entire body, mind and spirit. I couldn't speak, I could only hear Dr. Buba and no one else while in this translucent state. My body appeared to others as if I were having a seizure. My arms were frantically shaking in the air, but I was laying flat on the floor. I heard Dr. Buba say, "Your next book is the one. Your next book will be a message the world will hear in multiple languages. Your book will be in seven different countries: Hungary, Romania, Estonia, the Czech RepublicCroatia, Lithuania and Ukraine all in their native language. You will bless the nations. This is your time!"

After Dr. Buba delivered that holy message to me, he stepped away and asked the prayer guardians to stay by my side and he would be back to continue to pray over me. As time went on, I was oblivious to those around me. I felt like I had left my body and the Holy Spirit had taken over. I now belonged to the Holy Spirit. As my arms continued to frantically shake above me, someone on my right side leaned down and whispered in my right ear, "Your hands are no longer your hands, they belong to the Lord now." My right hand and arm in particular were shaking the most, which meant to me that I was now at the right hand of my Lord and Savior and He had renewed my soul and anointed me to go to the next level of serving Him.

That day the trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit took over my physical and spiritual body. The Lord answered a long and consistent prayer of mine. That day the Lord made clear my "Assignment." Every day on my knees since 2003 I've bowed down asking for His direction, His guidance, His ultimate assignment for my life with my faith based writing. I surrender my life in daily prayer. I've cried out to Jesus to show me what a good servant I should be. I've said "Take me as I am and expand my territory so that I can leave a legacy in your holy name. Appoint me to share my story of how the Lord works in all of our lives."

Without ever doubting my Savior, I know that day He renewed my soul, He reconfirmed my assignment when the Holy Spirit took over my body. He convinced me beyond any doubt I am ready to go to the next level in my faith. It's not every day we go through such an amazing, life changing experience. But trust me, when the Lord wants to get our attention, and we ask, He will show us. This hands-on praying experience won't be my last occasion where the Lord has spoken to me and shown those around me He's most powerful. Today I find myself even deeper and deeper in my relationship with the Lord. I feel a deeper sense of trust and guidance from him. I feel a deeper sense of peace, His peace, as He has restored me. Once again He has equipped me to continue to be an "unstoppable believer."

To learn more about Dr. Gemechis Buba:

Blessings until next week,

Debra Pauli

"Unstoppable Believer"

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Graceful Perseverance: The Assignment (part 1)

Posted September 10th, 2017 @ 09:09am

Each of us have been created for a deeper purpose, a deeper calling in this life than what appears to be obvious. In the beginning He created heaven and earth.  Genesis is the story of the beginning when everything was perfectly made. Genesis teaches us that God created heaven and earth and everything in it was divinely hand crafted through His perfect hands. On the sixth day: Thus the Heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array (Genesis 2). And 2,000 years later His promise still holds true: humans and all living creatures remain beautiful and unique in the eyes of God. And when He created each of us, His plan was beautifully designed and set in place. What a wonderful maker, what a wonderful Savior. How majestic is his promise for us even today.

We are all like sheep and He is our shepherd, a dependable guide in our lives. I've learned after 55 years to follow His commands. The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters. He refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for His name's sake (Psalm 23). People are like sheep. Some sheep are harder to train than others. Some sheep are evil and choose to do wrong in their lives. Some sheep choose not to follow the master of the universe, the one who knows every hair on our heads. The one who knows our thoughts before we do. The one who knows our wants and needs long before we do. The one who knows the desires of our hearts. Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4).

He's the one who knows His glorious plan for our lives all for His divine purpose. The Lord has kept this promise to each of us for over 2,000 years. Why would He fail us now? Why would he abandon and leave his sheep now?

Some of us know without a doubt what our purpose is in this life and some haven't got a clue why they are here. We all walk through struggle and troubled times, but some of us are confident in knowing the Lord is right beside us and yet others refuse to trust in something they cannot see. In a time when I lost my third son, long before his time, I asked the Lord, "Where were you when my son died?" He answered, "The same place I was when my son died on the cross...right there."

Many go through struggles never believing or trusting that they don't have to go it alone. These are the broken people who never find their way out of darkness only because they are lost sheep and do not have a relationship with their shepherd, Jesus Christ, their Lord and Savior. He's the one who can bring them out of darkness. He's the one who can save them. He's right next to each of us in the midst of every single moment of our lives just as a shepherd keeps an eye on his flock both day and night.

Some of us know that God has an "assignment" specifically designed for each of us. Do you know your assignment while you live out your life here on earth before returning to your eternal home? Have you grown deeper and deeper in a relationship with the one and only true God so that you are filled with the Holy Spirit and believe with all of your heart and mind what the Lord has summoned you to do while you are here?

I have, but it has taken me years of consistently following the Lord. There were times I turned away from the Lord and tried to control my life my way because I believed it was a better plan than His. Fifty five years later I am still here but still not fully understanding, but joyfully embracing the Lord's plan for my life. I still have so much to learn in my Christian walk. But I do know the assignment He has chosen for me. My assignment isn't about me at all. It's a selfless assignment. He gave me a story and has asked that I courageously and with conviction tell my story for His glory, not mine. He has anointed me many times in my 55 years. A few weeks ago I was once again shown my assignment as the Lord proclaims it. I was anointed, my soul renewed through hands-on prayer by Dr. Gemechis Buba on August 13, 2017 in the presence of my husband and with the church family by my side.

The Anointing - Dr. Buba anointed me with oil in the presence of many other Christians. The Holy Spirit equipped me with a deeper understanding of what I am to do for His glory. He equipped me with a deeper level of courage, perseverance and conviction, nothing of which I have earned, but by His daily grace He continues to anoint me so that I can face this fallen world and pursue His will for my life and for His glory.

Join me next week as I share with you the beautiful Holy Spirit anointing that changed my life on Sunday, August 12, 2017 when Dr. Gemechis Buba laid praying hands on me at Hosanna Church in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Blessings until next week,

Debra Pauli

"Unstoppable Believer"

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Graceful Perseverance: Where is God?

Posted January 17th, 2016 @ 01:01pm

Welcome back to my weekly blogs everyone! Cup of coffeeTo date, there are 187,858 followers of my faith based blogs, how exciting leading into 2016. It is my hope that everyone had a very blessed holiday season and a happy new year! It's January, a new year, a new season the Lord has blessed upon each of us. How awesome that He has given us another year to do His work. What is it that the Lord has put upon your heart to do for His glory this year? How will your relationship grow with the Lord, our Savior, this next year? How will you praise Him? Will you let Him into your life for the first time or continue to grow your relationship with Him? Will you become a light in this jaded world? These are my words of encouragement for you today.

Here's how the Lord wrapped up this past year in my life. As a self-publishing author and speaker since 2003, I just published my 6th book (December 2015), a faith based book you can curl up with in your favorite chair in front of the fireplace, with lit candles all around you to add to the ambiance to set the mood to read a powerful testimony of conviction of Where is God? a faith and hope based book of encouragement.January blog 2016

In this book I have expressed my innermost feelings about various personal issues that have permeated my life. I have experienced many traumas that most people have never experienced and perhaps, may never in their lifetime.  Yet, with my tragedies behind me, I have come to be a blessed child in Christ Jesus.  I confess to you today, I stand at the foot of the cross because He is my light, my strength, my spirit and where hope is found even in the darkest and stormiest corners of my life. I turn to the cross to calm my fears and my contention. The power of the cross fills the depths of me with peace and brings me comfort because it is when I stand at the foot of the cross I find myself enriched by the love of Christ. The power of the cross is His gift of love and righteousness.IMG_20150822_192923804

There are six parts to this book, each filled with a power message. Each page is filled with inspiration for all of us, followed by chapter scripture relative to each section of the book. In each chapter, I reveal a message from my soul all of us need to embrace. I chose not to walk the path of destruction. I love Christ very deeply and as a result wish to share my deep-rooted relationship with all of you. I know all too well that God is alive, and I am inspiring each of us to turn to Him, to trust Him, and to follow His plan for our lives. I inspire you to vehemently turn away from your own understanding and probably false perceptions and your worldly biased opinions of our secular society and turn to the Lord today.

Until next week's blog, go to to see my other faith based books or email me at as we are all in this thing called life together. Each week and with each book, it is my intent to encourage each of you, pray for all and continue to change lives one book at a time.

May God bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and give you grace. May you go about your day and everything you do, you do in the name of our Lord and Savior,



Other books published by Debra Pauli:

Where is God?, a testimony of conviction

Once Upon a Man, frog or prince

Saving 3 Leaves on a Tree, me, myself and I (published TBD)

Why We Cry for a Soul Set Free, in loving memory of Bryce Lee

“...and then there was LIGHT”, my spiritual cleansing (2nd Edition)

A Survivor’s Closet, how my memories as a little girl became the diary of one of the most horrific, severe child abuse stories in Missouri history


Debra's self-publishing timeline: 2015, 2013, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003

5books 2016

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