Bio Short

Debra’s life story is truly a testimony of an incredible amount of courage to survive one of the most catastrophic child abuse cases ever recorded in Missouri history. With absolutely amazing strength to overcome a childhood foundation built on daily terror, torment and near death experiences, Debra has conquered a very horrendous life, and today convinces everyone through her speaking presentations of passion and raw honesty that what they're desperately searching for already lies within. Over many years, Debra prevailed the path of self-destruction, self-doubt and complete life regression, and instead dedicated her mind, body and soul to a life of healing from the inside out, rather than the path of self-destruction. She shares her life lessons, and teaches her audiences how to incorporate her years of successful strategies into their work life and personal life.

As a woman who has proven time and time again her profound passion to conquer life, Debra's audiences are changed forever when she reveals the true meaning in life, why it’s important to take risks when pursuing dreams, and how to focus on the gifts we’ve been given, rather than concentrating on our short comings. Her powerful messages and her teachings are engrained and everlasting for every audience, as her raw truth and humor teaches all of us to embrace every day with the right attitude – good things happen and bad things are only a test!

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