About Debra

It’s been several years now since Debra first launched her speaking career when she unleashed to the world her personal story of strength and perseverance that has changed how we think, feel and do in all areas of life. She is a passionate leader by heart, mentoring and teaching all of us how to incorporate laughter into our everyday lives, and is always sharp at drawing out the strengths in others. With today’s "sink or swim stresses" in the workplace and home, Debra teaches her audiences the importance of corporate communication and accountability in order to bring people together for a more collaborative and productive team effort, including no-fail stress management techniques from top down/bottom up personnel.

With her perseverance and "no non-sense" approach to what it takes to be a leader, mentor and driving force for corporate teams to produce successful results in a variety of small, medium and large businesses, Debra has distinguished herself as one of the most sought-after experts in her field.

Author of three books, a guest on numerous media interviews, and a guest on daytime TV shows, Debra has degrees in Psychology (Major), Sociology (Minor), Graphic Arts and Word Processing. As a well established perseverance expert in corporate America, and in life, she continues to mentor and coach thousands in their personal lives. For the past 24 years she has built her credibility up thru major corporations, in the IT areas of retail, insurance, financial, airlines, manufacturing, sports industry, and has been a returning guest on national and local radio and TV due to her areas of expertise.

Debra’s primary areas of expertise (shifting attitudes and shifting outcomes) transitions directors, managers, leaders and teams in corporate America by driving and teaching them how to become more effective professionally and personally through her "Think / Feel / Do Lifestyle" to shift the workplace and personal lives seamlessly.

Audiences who have attended Debra’s presentations since 2003, have not forgotten the impact she leaves behind at the end of the day thru her perseverance, her drive and her keynotes and workshops: Keynote #1 - Self-evaluation, Perseverance, Relationships, Keynote #2 - Debra's Think / Feel / Do Lifestyle. Her workshops include: #1 – Paint Your Life with New Colors, #2 – Shifting Attitudes in the Workplace, and #3 – “The Plan” - Anywhere, Anytime Coverage presentations.

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