Graceful Perseverance: Walking in the Rays of a Beautiful Son!

Welcome back, everyone! This week I felt compelled to share with you something that has deep meaning and purpose in my life.sunset in heart hands

This past week I watched an American Family Insurance commercial. The background music lyrics went like this -“Walking in the rays of a beautiful Son!” I am sure AFI’s marketing intention was very different than the way it resonated with me. I saw the ad as a blessing in disguise. When we become more attentive to the little blessings, we become better at trusting Him and what He can do through His bigger blessings.

When I heard the lyrics, “Walking in the rays of a beautiful Son,” I immediately imagined what this idea would feel like. The Holy Spirit instantly became alive in me when I repeated the lyric. Why did I have this reaction? Фантазия. Акварель, монотипия.The Holy Spirit is always waiting on the sidelines of our hearts to enter, but first we must open the door and allow Him to enter into our hearts. He will never enter without our invitation, which is why some experience the Holy Spirit, but most don’t understand how this blessing works in their lives and then choose not to believe in such silliness and doubt it.

When I seek His face, when I have my eyes only set on Him and not the day-to-day stress, I know without a doubt His spirit announces His presence. As I deepen my relationship with Christ, and fall deeper in love with Him, He reveals himself through rich blessings not just once in a while, but every day. Nothing is too trivial for Him. Nothing is too overwhelming for Him. WomanWhen our minds are captivated by the wonders of His work, and we focus on Him more than our daily struggles, He will flood us with an overwhelming feeling of peace and serenity. He gives us reassurance that He’s taking care of our concerns: He’s got it. He would never allow us to go through any situation that hasn’t passed through His hands first. Yes, even in the middle of a storm we have the ability to find peace, but only if we call upon Him.

Many of you may be curious and asking how can this be? First, the beauty of this experience is a gift that occurs by staying in the present moment with Him. Second, each of us has the ability to surround ourselves with His peace even in the middle of chaos. I do a lot of “self-talk” — whispers in the middle of stress. The self-talk whispers are always focused on Christ Jesus only because I’ve learned that He is so much more powerful than I am. When we truly believe He’s got our back, it is only through His power that He can move mountains for us. We are weak and fragile without Him. He is something bigger than ourselves. The Sacred Heart illustrationWhen our hearts are truly in the middle of His presence, we will reach out to Him; we will call upon Him; we will cry out to Him because it is in that moment we realize we can’t do this alone.

By calling upon Him, you will “Walk in the rays of a beautiful Son.” It is only then that you will truly experience Christ Jesus, the Son of God in your life. Start to practice changing your mindset. Henry Ford put it best, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!” This is a mindset change in the middle of daily stress. I like to practice this cry for help – “I trust Jesus, I trust Jesus, I trust Jesus!” In any situation, good or bad, I call upon Him for His hand in the matter.

I can give you hundreds of accounts when He’s heard my cry for help, and He’s immediately by my side, protecting me and bringing peace, so that He could do His work to resolve the situation for what was best for all involved. His blessings and miracles are fail-proof, but only if you trust Him, let go of your own understanding and let God.

God Bless,

Debra M. Pauli
Unstoppable Believer

About Debra Pauli

Debra Pauli, the Authority on Entrepreneurial and Corporate Ingenuity Transforming and reinventing Corporate America is an extremely challenging task in today’s economic and rapidly changing technology driven environment. Debra Pauli, who is an author or numerous books, is blessed with an extraordinary mind coupled with a unique set of skills, and has gone viral with a proven track record of unparalleled success when it comes to transforming the way employees of your organization think, feel and perform. Honor the past, but live for the future with willingness, eagerness, desire and flexibility. Listen and learn. Growth and change are the passions that rule her life, which she passes down as principles to her numerous clients who increase their profitability through her various seminars and techniques. With 24 years of experience, Debra Pauli transforms the “Mindset” of Corporate America’s workforce, and not just in the U.S., but Worldwide. Her genuine passion and powerful messages leave the audience craving a new addiction: Her Think/Feel/Do Lifestyle in their personal and professional lives. She increases her client’s productivity by teaching their staff various behavioral techniques, such as how to turn difficult or even traumatic experiences into triumph, growth and a positive self-image; how to break through and become an unstoppable, irresistible and deliberate creator, which she has experienced in her own life. Her extraordinary story made her an expert in understanding the workings of the mind, the sensitivity of the soul, the power of thinking, the science of the brain, and how to bring the ultimate potential out of those who are willing to listen has made her one of the most dynamic, sought-after professional speakers in the business world. She delivers a one day intensive workshop called: “Break THROUGH”: How to become an unstoppable, irresistible, deliberate creator!
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