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Graceful Perseverance: God at Work

Welcome to this week’s blog. I’ll be discussing the book of Daniel. Daniel displayed remarkable courage and faith throughout the endless trials of his day. In the book of Daniel, God shows us how He is really in control of … Continue reading

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Graceful Perseverance: The Path Less Chosen

Welcome back to my weekly blog. This week’s topic is: A Path Less Chosen. What does this mean? How can this path less chosen change life as we know it today to an everlasting life that is more free, joyful … Continue reading

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Graceful Perseverance: Suffering throughTemptation

Welcome back to my Sunday morning blog. I have an exceptionally powerful message, as I am suffering through a recent temptation that left me emotionally raw and with consequences this week. I felt very vulnerable and the experience left my … Continue reading

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